• UTZ-BD080C Fujitsu Energy Recovery Ventilator 800 m3/h

UTZ-BD080C Fujitsu Energy Recovery Ventilator 800 m3/h

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  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Product Code: UTZBD080C

Fujitsu energy recovery ventilator is silence extremely high efficiency and low noise levels are achieved by using a highly efficient heat exchange process. A comfortable air conditioned space is achieved by conveniently selecting whether to use heat exchange or normal ventilation setting, according to the requirements of the conditioning space at commercial premisses.

Recovery Ventilator Key Features:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation: When a room space is cooled or heated by Air Conditioning systems, the exhaust cooling and heating energy is recovered by heat-exchange ventilation. 
  • Normal Ventilation: The operation of energy recovery ventilator is used during periods when the room space requires no cooling or heating, for example when there is minimal temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • Energy Efficiency and Ecology: Energy consumption is dramatically reduced by using a counter-flow heat exchange element. Air Conditioning load is reduced by approximately 20%, resulting in significant energy savings, specially where is using commercial air conditioning systems. Energy Recover Ventilator up to 77% of heat in the outgoing air.
  • Quiet operation of energy recovery ventilator - Significantly reducing low pressure loss and noise allows low-noise operation at 25 dBA.
  • Reverse Mountable direct air supply and exhaust system - Adoption of straight air supply and & exhaust ducts are fitted straight. Since each unit can be mounted in reverse position, only one inspection access is needed for two energy recovery ventilator units. Its easy ventilation duct work when possible to use one access panel for two energy recovery ventilators.
  • Providing 3 Years Warranty on Energy Recovery Ventilator Unit and Controls

 In order to use a Fujitsu hard-wired controller with the ERV units an interface is required to communicated between energy recovery ventilator and hard wire controller

UTY-ERV2 Interface Key Features:

  • UTI-ERV2 interface is supplied with an outside air intake duct sensor for control of the ERV bypass damper e.g. heat recovery or free cooling mode;
  • Available dry contact terminals for remote control On/Off from Building Management System (BMS);
  • Allows the use of Fujitsu UTY-RNNYM hard wired controller which has the following features: fan speed selection, 7 day programmable clock, temperature selection option for auto control of the damper, filter clean indicator, Manual or Auto Energy Recovery Ventilator Control Of bypass damper 
Power source 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz 
H.E.V.* Input power 418 / 378 / 295 W
H.E.V. Air flow rate
800 / 800 / 630 m3/h
H.E.V. External static pressure 
140 / 110 / 55 Pa
H.E.V. Temperature exchange efficiency
75 / 75 / 76 %
H.E.V. Energy exchange efficiency cooling
65 / 65 / 66 %
H.E.V. Energy exchange efficiency heat pump
71 / 71 / 68 %
H.E.V. Sound pressure level
37.5 / 37.5 / 34.5 dB
N.V.** Input power418 / 378 / 295 W
N.V. Air flow rate
800 / 800 / 630 m3/h
N.V. External static pressure
140 / 110 / 55 Pa
N.V. Sound pressure level
37.5 / 37.5 / 34.5 dB
Dimensions (h × w × d)1322 x 884 x 388 mm
Recommended fuse6 A
Weight71 kg
Outlet duct diameter250 mm
Operation range- 10 to 40 0C
Maximum humidity85 %
H.E.V. * - Heat Exchange Ventilation

N.V. ** - Normal Ventilation

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