Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Kanzen AHU LK-750

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Mitsubishi Electric the new Lossnay Kanzen Air Handling Unit (AHU's) utilise Mr Slim Power Inverter heat pump technology, Lossnay heat recovery technology and an integrated controls system making them highly advanced and efficient. With efficient heat recovery, DC Lossnay provides to home or business owners clean and fresh air ventilation, maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity level whilst reducing energy running costs. This ventilation model is also can be use of non residential applications such as hospitals, surgeries, offices or schools.

"DC Lossnay Provides a Renewable Energy Solution to Poor Air Quality"

Key Benefits:

  • Mr Slim Power Inverter Heat Pump Technology
  • Total heat recovery with Lossnay Cores
  • Integrated Controls 
  • High efficiency system
  • Flexible installation / configuration
  • Compatible with Modbus (RS485)
  • Customisable units with extensive optional extras parts
  • 5 Years Warranty

Rated Airflow7500 m3/h
Airflow range5500 - 7500 m3/h
Max Static Pressure (Factory settings)250 Pa
Max Static Pressure Configuration Option400 Pa
Coil Capacity Cooling (Rated)26.6 kW
Recovery Module Capacity Cooling Rated22.9 kW
Total Capacity49.5 kW
Coil Capacity Heating (Rated) 31.5 kW
Recovery Module Capacity Heating Rated54. 4 kW
Total Capacity85.9 kW
Sensible Heat Recovery Efficiency72 %
Total Heat Recovery Efficiency Cooling62 %
Total Heat Recovery Efficiency Heating67 %
Number of Lossnay Heat Recovery Modules6
Supply fans Power Input / 250 Pa2.9 / 3.1 kW
Return fans Power Input / 250 Pa1.6 / 2.7 kW
Auxiliary Transformer0.15 kW
Total Power Input4.65 / 5.95 kW
COP / EER (Rated)7.88 / 4.63
Filter SectionRigid Pocket , F7 Class (EU7)
Outdoor UnitPUHZ-ZRP250YKA
Monoblock Dimensions (WxDxH)4450 x 1870 x 2300 mm
6 Section Dimensions (WxDxH) 4850 x 1870 x 2430 mm
Monoblock Weight2380 kg
6 Section Dimensions Weight2650 kg
Outdoor Unit Dimensions
1050 x 330 +30 x 1338 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight
141 kg
Electric Pre-Heating Coil
12 kW

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