• Mitsubishi Electric AHU Controller PAC-IF013B-E

Mitsubishi Electric AHU Controller PAC-IF013B-E

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Mitsubishi Electric Commercial Air Handling Unit Controller PAC-IF013B-E & PAC-SIF013B-E can interface Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim outdoor units to third party air handling units. Up to six Mr Slim outdoor units can be used on a single handling unit providing a wide range of heating and cooling capacities.

  • Simpler installation due to Mr Slim units being a single source of heating and cooling 
  • BEMS external monitoring and control can be achieved through direct Modbus, digital switches or analogue input
  • Anti-cycling measures incorporated into the design to extend the life of the outdoor units
  • Demand control by analogue or digital inputs (0-10 Ω, 4-20 mA, 1-5V, 0-10 V, step, auto-step)
  • Capacity control of up to 11 individual steps ensures high comfort level
  • Includes a third thermistor to enable auto-step
  • CD card installed to record history and facilitate software upgrades
  • 5 Years Warranty

ahu installation diagram

Heat Exchanger max Volume >30m1050
Heat Exchanger max Volume >20m
Heat Exchanger max Volume >10m1650
Heat Exchanger min Volume 350
Dimension (mm)336 x 69 x 278
Weight (kg)2.5

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