Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette PLA-ZM140EA PUZ-ZM140YKAR2

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The PLA-ZRP Power Inverter heat pump series offer customers high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and quit operation, whilst providing greater flexibility and ease of installation.

  • Air flow controllable for ceiling height up to 4.2 m with automatic adjustment of fan speed
  • Reduced draft air distribution with independent vane control
  • Filter lowering operation down to 4 m (Optional PLP-6BAJ grille required)
  • Optional 'i-sensor for energy' for energy saving and smooth temperature control throughout the room
  • 5 Years Warranty

Heating nominal capacity (kW)16.0 (5.7-18.0)
Cooling nominal capacity (kW)13.4 (6.2-15.0)
Heating (UK) capacity (kW)13.6 (4.85-15.3)
Cooling (UK) capacity (kW)12.9 (5.7-14.1)
SHF (Nominal & UK)0.72
COP / EER Nominal3.40 / 3.07
SCOP / SEER (BS EN14825)4.5 / 6.1
Heating ErP energy efficiency classN/A
Cooling ErP energy efficiency classN/A
Air flow (m3/min)24-26-29-32
Gas pipe size5/8"
Liquid pipe size3/8"
Sound pressure level (dBA)36-39-42-44
Sound power level (dBA)70
Dimensions (mm)840 (950) x 840 (950) x 258 (35)
Weight Unit / Panel (kg)27 / 6
Electrical supply Fed byOutdoor unit
Fuse rating HRC (A)6
Interconnecting cable No. cores4
Panel referencePLP-6BA
Wired remote controller referencePAR-31MAA
Heating sound pressure level (dBA)52
Cooling sound pressure level (dBA)50
Cooling sound power level (dBA)70
Weight (kg)132
Dimensions (W x D x H)1050 x 330 + 30 x 1338
Electrical supply220-240V, 50 Hz
Nominal heating system power input (kW)4.70
Nominal cooling system power input (kW)4.37
Nominal UK heating system power input (kW)4.18
Nominal UK cooling system power input (kW)3.71
Starting Current (A)4.0
Heating system running current (A)8.09
Cooling system running current (A)7.68
MAX system running current (A)12.1
Fuse rating (BS88) (A)16
Mains cable no cores5
MAX pipe length (m)75
MAX high difference (m)30
Charge R410A (kg)5.0 (30m)

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