Fujitsu Wireless LAN Interface FJ-RC-WIFI-1 IntesisHome

  • £308.88inc TAX
  • £257.40ex TAX

  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Product Code: FJ-RC-WIFI-1

IntesisHome Intesishome FJ-RC-WIFI-1 Key Features

  • Intesishome FJ-RC-WIFI-1 remotely manage Fujitsu commercial Airstage or residential air conditioner any type split and multi split system using all sort of mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and PC
  • Intesishome allow easy and intuitive Wi-Fi air conditioner control from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
  • Practical energy savings and economy ensuring with set up intesishome FJ-RC-WIFI-1 patterns that work for you, have the units running only when you want them, all rest is savings. Easily optimise your resources, run set scenes and receive personal alerts. Automate one or more devices and control them together from any place in the World
  • Plug and Play. No separate external power supply required.
  • IntesisHome FJ-RC-WIFI-1 Can be used for single indoor units and group controlled (up to 16) indoor units
  • Free intesishome technical support and maintenance

  • Basic Control

    • Turning the units on and off
    • Mode control (Heat, Cool, Dry Auto, Fan)
    • Fan Speed setting
    • Louver position (Airflow direction setting)
    • Room Temperature display
    • Set Temperature control
    • Multi Language
    • One Scene and Timer

    Advanced Control (Optional functions)

    • Climate working modes (ECO, Comfort, Powerful) (future release)
    • Schedule functionalities (ON, OFF, Modes, Set Point Temperature, Fan Speed, Louver position)
    • Set Temperature limitation (future release)
    • Multiple Scenes & Timers and Calendar function

    Notification and History

    • Alerts email notification (future release)
    • Air conditioning malfunction alerts
    • Connectivity monitoring and alerts
    • History future release

Intesishome Device - How to Set up and Use the IntesisHome App - Watch Here

Intesishome Devices - How Wi-Fi Device work for You - Watch Here

Manufacturer IntesisHome
Dimensions (mm)
Indoor Unit 70 x 108 x 28
Weight (kg)
Indoor Unit 0.2

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