• Fujitsu Commercial Air Conditioning AJYA45LALH

Fujitsu Commercial Air Conditioning AJYA45LALH

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  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Product Code: AJYA45LALH

Fujitsu AIRSTAGE J-II adopts the best technology and was designed with the greatest care to provide not only energy savings and comfort but also easy installation and maintenance of equipment. The J-II is ideal for a wide range of applications from small office buildings and stores to large houses. Watch video to learn more about some excellent product features:

Flexible systems for small and medium size building air conditioning

  • Multiple indoor units of various capacities and types can be connected
  • High energy efficiency
  • Smart energy saving function
  • More comfort
  • High reliability
  • DC fan motor
  • Large heat exchanger
  • Compact and high performance DC twin rotary compressor
  • DC inverter control
  • 5 Years Warranty

Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit8
Power Source230 / 1 / 50 (V / Ph / Hz)
Cooling Capacity14.0 kW
Heating Capacity16.0 kW
Cooling Input Power3.89 kW
Heating Input Power3.81 kW
Cooling EER3.60 W/W
Heating COP4.20 W/W
Air Flow Rate6400 m3/h
Cooling Sound Pressure Level51 dB(A)
Heating Sound Pressure Level53 dB(A)
Heat Exchanger FitBlue fin
Dimension(H x W x D)1334 x 970 x 370 mm
Refrigerant Charge5.3 kg
Weight117 kg
Pipe size (Gas/Liquid)5/8"/ 3/8"
MAX Actual Piping Length120 m
Piping Length From First Separation TubeTo The Farthest Indoor Unit40 m
Height difference between outdoor and indoor units30 m
MAX Height Difference30 m
Cooling Operation-5 0C - 46 0C
Heating Operation-20 0C - 21 0C
Specifications are based on the following conditions
  • Cooling: Indoor temperature of 27 0CDB / 19 0CWD, and outdoor temperature of 35 0CDB / 24 0CWD.
  • Heating: Indoor temperature of 20 0CDB / 15 0CWD, and outdoor temperature of 7 0CDB / 6 0CWD.
  • Pipe length: 7,5 m; Height difference between outdoor unit and outdoor unit: 0 m.
  • The protective function may work when using it outside the operation range.

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