Fujitsu Commercial Air Conditioning AJY072LELAH

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  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Product Code: AJY072LELAH

Fujitsu AIRSTAGE J-IIIL Commercial Air Conditioning System adopts the best technology and was designed with the greatest care to provide not only energy savings and comfort but also easy installation and maintenance of equipment. The  Airstage J-III Heat Pump is ideal for a wide range of applications from small office buildings and stores to large houses. Top class with high COP is achieved for heat pumps by a larger heat exchanger, high efficient DC twin compressor. Watch video to learn more about some excellent product features: 

Key Benefits: 

  • Long Pipe Length - Fujitsu advanced refrigerant control technology allows to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of 180 meters. This opens up new possibilities in system design.
  • Non-stop Oil Recovery Operation - a comfortable room condition is maintained during oil recovery mode because the product continues to operate without stopping the cooling and heating process.
  • Top Class Low Sound Operation - top class operation sound is realised. Highly suited t densely populated areas thanks to their low operation sound. 
  • High reliability
  • DC fan motor
  • Large heat exchanger
  • Compact and high performance DC twin rotary compressor
  • DC inverter control
  • 5 Years Warranty

Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit20
Power SourceThree Phase, 380~400V , 50 Hz
Cooling Capacity22.4 kW
Heating Capacity22.4 kW
Cooling Input Power6.30 kW
Heating Input Power4.65  kW
Cooling EER3.56 W/W
Heating COP4.82 W/W
Air Flow Rate8400 m3/h
Cooling Sound Pressure Level52 dB(A)
Heating Sound Pressure Level54 dB(A)
Min. Recommended MCB32
Dimension (H x W x D)1428 x 1080 x 480 mm
Weight170 kg
Charged7.0 kg
Pipe size (Gas & Liquid)3/8" & 3/4"
Total Pipe Length400 m
Height difference between outdoor and indoor40 m
MAX Height Difference50 m
Cooling Operation-5 0C - 46 0C
Heating Operation-20 0C - 21 0C
Specifications are based on the following conditions
  • Cooling: Indoor temperature of 27 0CDB / 19 0CWD, and outdoor temperature of 35 0CDB / 24 0CWD.
  • Heating: Indoor temperature of 20 0CDB / 15 0CWD, and outdoor temperature of 7 0CDB / 6 0CWD.
  • Pipe length: 7,5 m; Height difference between outdoor unit and outdoor unit: 0 m.
  • The protective function may work when using it outside the operation range.

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