Fujitsu Airstage Commercial Heat Recovery AJY252GALH

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  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Product Code: AJY252GALH

Fujitsu AIRSTAGE VR-II Heat Recovery  operation allows for simultaneous cooling and heating process. A new Fujitsu VRF system VR-II provides optimum automatic control by having the ability to change mode from cooling to heating operation. The Fujitsu VR-II three pipe VRF system is truly adaptable air conditioning technology. Outdoor units capacities range from 22 kW nominal cooling to 135 kW with up to 150 % connected capacity possible diversity. System efficiency is guaranteed by using DC Inverter compressor technology providing precise and effective compressor speed control. The use of this DC control technology provides extremely high efficient ratios in both cooling and heating mode. State of controls, including a new Central Touch Panel LCD wired Controller, allow individual or group operation with BEMS interfacing options.

  • Designed for  large offices or hotels
  • Multiple indoor units of various capacities and types can be connected to the outdoor units
  • Simultaneous Cooling and Heating operation using same refrigerant
  • Smart and cutting edge design
  • Efficiency in actual operation
  • Space Saving Combination
  • High static pressure of 80 Pa
  • Total refrigerant piping length 1000 m
  • Energy saving technology
  • Design flexibility
  • Compact and high performance DC twin rotary compressor
  • Non-stop oil recovery operation
  • DC Inverter control
  • Extensive range of controller options including Touch Panel Controller, BEMS interfaces
  • Easy Service & Maintenance
  • 5 Years Warranty

Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit 42
Cooling indoor unit connectable capacity 39.3 - 117.7 kW
Power Source 3 - Phase 4 wire, 400 V 50 Hz
Cooling Capacity 78.5 kW
Heating Capacity 87.5 kW
Cooling Input Power 23.36 kW
Heating Input Power 22.39 kW
Cooling EER 3.36 W/W
Heating COP 3.91 W/W
Air Flow Rate 13,000 + 11,100 m3/h
Cooling Sound Pressure Level 63 dB(A)
Heating Sound Pressure Level 64 dB(A)
Maximum external static pressure 80 Pa
Compressor motor output 11.0 + 7.5 kW
Heat Exchanger Fit Blue fin
Dimension(H x W x D) 1690 x (1,240 + 930) x 765 mm
Weight 286 + 262 kg
Refrigerant charge 11.8 x 2 kg
Pipe size (Liquid / Discharge gas / Suction gas) 15.88 / 28.58 / 34.92 mm
Cooling Operation -10 0C to 46 0C
Heating Operation -20 0C to 21 0C
Cooling / Heating Operation -10 0C to 21 0C
Specifications are based on the following conditions
  • Cooling: Indoor temperature of 27 0CDB / 19 0CWD, and outdoor temperature of 35 0CDB / 24 0CWD.
  • Heating: Indoor temperature of 20 0CDB  (15 0CWD), and outdoor temperature of 7 0CDB / 6 0CWD.
  • Pipe length: 7,5 m; Height difference between outdoor unit and outdoor unit: 0 m.
  • When cooling operation will be conducted at outdoor air temperature below -5 0C the outdoor unit must be installed in a position that is higher than or equal to those of indoor units.

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