Fujitsu Airstage V-III Time to Replace Air Conditioning


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SWAT Engineering and Fujitsu General UK are introducing replacement for five years old model V-II, adopting many features from the latest three-pipe VR-II model and updating its two-pipe heat pump VRF. This year offering with the launch of the new Fujitsu Airstage V-III range with more sizes and numerous new features. Please visit our online shop to order Fujitsu Airstage V-III VRF Heat Pump – Space Saving and Energy Efficiency 

Excellent Energy Saving

Heat pump inverter type realises the highly energy saving air conditioning for individual cooling and heating operation by all inverter technology for seasonal efficiency.

High Design Flexibility for Various Building Air Conditioning

High design flexibly meets the various needs of high – rise building air conditioning such as outdoor unit roof top concentrated installation and each floor installation by large capacity combination, sufficient connection capacity, and high static pressure design.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The flexible communication method and piping connections makes installation and maintenance easy even for extra large systems.

Fujitsu Airstage Air Conditioning V-III Save Energy

New Fujitsu Airstage V-III is setting the benchmark in terms of efficiency and versatility:
• While the popular V II range had five outdoor models ranging from 22.5 kW to 45 kW, the V III has an additional 50 kW model, with all sizes now using a single DC Compressor, rather than the two that were used in the previous 40 kW and 45 kW models. This results in lower starting currents and improved part-load performance.
• Extra model provides additional combination options up to 150 kW, a substantial increase on the previous 135 kW maximum.

• Almost all EER and COP rates in the range have been improved, with the 22.5 kW unit having a heating COP of 4.84 and a cooling EER of 4.31.

• The pipe length from the first separation tube to the furthest indoor unit has now been increased to 90 m.

• All these features helps to guarantee operating range: Heating -20 ° to 21 °C , Cooling -15 ° to 46 °C

“This is just the first of a raft of innovations we will be launching over the coming months, all developed with the help of feedback from the market. Our aim is to provide exactly the types of products that contractors, specifiers and end users are asking for.” – Fujitsu Air Conditioning’s sales and marketing director Ian Carroll.

For more details on Fujitsu Airstage V-III product range and installation features, contact SWAT Engineering direct sales on 0800 505 3077

fujitsu airstage v-III for better efficiency