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Air Conditioning Calculator – Ease, Reliable and Quick Solution

Fist of all to use our air conditioning calculator, in principle it is easy calculate the size of air conditioning you need to your room, business office,  restaurant, therefore in server room.

There are wide range types how to calculate size of air conditioning system, hence we provide comprehensive air conditioning load calculation for premises in United Kingdom. Also our air conditioning calculator give you almost accurate value of cooling capacity for reduce heat and stay comfort in BTUs (British Thermal Units) or kW (Metric System).

air conditioning calculator

How to calculate right air conditioning system?

The total load of a room or building is calculated by adding together the heat gain from any items which evolve a heat. Finally the main factors to know what size air conditioning do i need are:

  • The size of area being cooling
  • Room Height
  • Windows Size and Position South, North, East or North)
  • The number of people occupied space 
  • Heat from electrical stationary equipment – computers  -100 W, Laptop – 45W, Printer – 100W, Large copy machine – 750W, TV – 100W, Fridge – 500 W, Washing Machine – 500W, Light bulb – 60:100W, music player (receiver) – 40 (200) W.
  • Heat capacity from lighting system

SWAT Engineering engineers are using most noteworthy manufacturers calculation and modelling software to measure the heat loads at any property. In addition our engineers will take into account  more factors than detailed above. as a result for example shading to windows, property location, building construction and thermal properties.

So what size of air conditioning system do I need?


This air conditioning  calculator is provided for a quick and visual check of heat loads in the room. It should not be considered as replacement for professional advice or precise and detailed heat load calculation. Before you decide on air conditioning sizing, you should commissioning an audit a suitably F-Gas trained and qualified air conditioning specialist from  SWAT Engineering.