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mitsubishi electric city multi YLM condenser

City Multi YLM
– The Ultimate heating and cooling solutions. SWAT Engineering and Mitsubishi Electric presents new aluminium VRF air conditioning technology in City Multi Range. The units designed to achieve more seasonal efficiency with ensure that customers get optimum performance year round in real United Kingdom applications.

City Multi YLM Models use a unique flat tube aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger. New YLM Heat Exchange main benefits:

  • 30 % More Piping – Flat Aluminium Tube
  • 17 % More Contact with Piping
  • 26 % More Contact with Refrigerant
  • Smaller Pitch & Pipe Chamber
  • Higher Heat Transfer
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduced Weight and Module size
  • Reduced Refrigerant Volume

For more information please contact SWAT Engineering air conditioning  sales support team on free number 0800 505 3077 or use contact form

Mitsubishi Electric YLM
Model Trailer 2015 HD

Full Presentation of City Multi YLM Model by Mitsubishi Electric presenter