New Hitachi R32 Air Conditioning


R32 RAC first series of Hitachi introduced in Japan

Hitachi will launch its first R32 air conditioning units into the European market in 2017. The company introduced its first series R32-RAC to the market in Japan in 2013. In Japan, the complete range of RAC products should be converted to R32 will be offered as an entry-level model at the beginning of 2017.

The new RAC series with R32 will set itself apart from the current performance series with a new, elegant design.

Mr. Markus Schmitz, area sales manager heating of Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS Branch office Dusseldorf said: “With the introduction of the new R32-RAC series. We will continue the attractive price-performance ration in this segment. This new refrigerant enables us to increase efficiency by a whole level, to simultaneously reduce the GWP and therefore to act in a much more environmentally friendly manner.”

Unlike R410A, R32 is a mixture of R125 and R32, significant advantages which do not effect the environment. Currently it is the only refrigerant which has almost the same temperature and pressure range as R410A. Furthermore, it is about 10 per cent more efficient that R410A, resulting in higher COP and EER. The pipeline cross-section, the compressor power and the filling capacity can be reduced by up to 30 percent in comparison with R410A.

Other Key points of New Refrigerant

• New Refrigerant  has a GWP of 675 compared with R410A’s GWP of 2,088

• It can be more energy efficient than R410A • Smaller charges result in heat exchangers and other components being more compact

• It is rated as A2L – there is a low risk of accidents due to toxicity (A), and low risk of flammability (2L)

• As a single component refrigerant, R32 is easier to reuse and recycle • The boiling temperature of R32 is similar to R410A, slightly higher than R22 •

It is easy to handle because it doesn’t fractionate The move towards new refrigerant  is part of an overall strategy to reduce the impact of refrigerants on the environment. In 2020 refrigerants such as R404A and R507, with a GWP higher than 2500, will be banned for use in stationery units and will have to be converted to R407A. By 2025 refrigerants with a GWP greater than 750 will be banned for use in splits air conditioning units, and in 2030 use of R410A, R134A and R407C will be heavily restricted.

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