Automatic Filter Elevation Grille


mitsubishi electric automatic lowering grille

SWAT Engineering and Mitsubishi Electric introducing a new and easy to use automatic grille which is available as part of 4 – way blow cassette indoor units.This unique product is an automatic lowering grille which allows for easy filter maintenance without the need of towers or ladders to gain access to high ceilings. The grille can be lowered to a maximum of 4m from the ceiling in eight stages and the filter can sim
ply be unclipped, cleaned and re-inserted easily.

This access allows for any person, including those not trained, to lower the grille and clean the filter from a safe floor standing level.

Benefits include:

  • Improved energy performance;
  • Improved health and safety, and reduced maintenance time;
  • Reduced ceiling staining
  • Reduce engineers time during maintenance check

For more information, including a demonstration how it works, please watch video here: