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Mitsubishi Commercial Air Conditioning R32 VRF

Mitsubishi commercial air conditioning range of R32 VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) has been launched in 2019 to offer the UK market the first complete range of lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) solutions.

The Mitsubishi Commercial Air Conditioning R32 City Multi YNW range is suitable for both heat recovery and heat pump variants to deliver lower GWP for large air conditioning systems. For the first time in the UK, this commercial air conditioning system allows customers to use one single lower GWP refrigerant across a complete building or an entire network.

“Under the growing pressure of the F-Gas phase down regulations, the market is demanding viable and positive solutions which are future proof for businesses and last the full lifecycle of the product,” explained Mark Grayston, Head of the Product Marketing Department.

Mitsubishi Commercial Air Conditioning R32 VRF features

The key factors in the adoption of R32 VRF according to Mitsubishi Electric partners were: cost, proven VRF concept and end-user CSR. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems are valued by customers that are looking for products that meet both current and future legislation. Mitsubishi Electric was delighted to offer the UK market a complete range of lower GWP solutions.

“With R32 comes an increased need for quality in both application and installation,” added Grayston. “Our DQPs are proven to meet the highest standards of installation, including subjecting themselves to an annual independent audit of their work, so we wanted to support their commitment with this extended warranty”.

Mitsubishi Electric R32 is now the norm for split-type air conditioning systems offering a lower GWP (675) than R410A (2088). Whilst Hybrid VRF has provided a viable R32 solution for larger systems, no standard VRF range using R32 has been available – until now.

Utilising the innovative and highly efficient City Multi YNW outdoor unit, this R32 solution offers complete design flexibility, high efficiency and low noise.
R32 makes up 50% of the existing R410A refrigerant already found in many current VRF systems, is highly energy-efficient and is easy to recycle. A GWP of one-third of R410A, plus reduced overall system refrigerant volumes means lower refrigerant total and lower global warming impact.

Mitsubishi Commercial Air Conditioning R32

Mitsubishi Commercial air conditioning R32 VRF range

The new City Multi R32 models are in stock since January 2020, offering sizes from 22 kW to 34 kW in both heat recovery and heat pump variants.

With a range of ducted and 4-way blow ceiling cassette indoor units available, the Mitsubishi commercial air conditioning systems provide the flexibility of installation for R32 VRF in many applications. They also work with a comprehensive range of advanced controllers to ensure effective and efficient operation.

“This new range enables us to offer a complete choice for any building and any customer,” commented Mark Grayston, “Whether CSR is high on the agenda for customers, or whether life cycle cost or capital cost is more important, there is now a complete R32 choice available from Mitsubishi Electric.”

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