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New Fujitsu ARXK Airstage VRF system fan coil

Fujitsu has launched new bulkhead horizontal only VRF fan coil units. Consisting of three models, the new low static pressure (max 30 Pa) VRF fan coil units will be available in December 2017. They will be designed ARXK in sizes 07, 09 and 12 (2.2 kW, 2.8 kW, 3,5 kW nominal). A smaller size 04 (1.1 kW) model is due later next year. All models are fitted with a condensate lift pump (850 mm) as standard.

The key feature of these new models is their very compact size and, in particular, their depth (front to back), which is only 450 mm. This makes them ideal for dropped bulkhead applications in hotel bedroom or above wardrobes in residential applications where a short to back dimension is often crucial. Model must be connected to single phase electrical network where applies 50 Hz frequency.

Their height is 198 mm which is the same as the current higher static vertical / horizontal slim duct models. The unique Auto Louvre grille is also available as an optional accessory for the new models. The short front to back dimension of 450 mm is made possible by adopting a “V” shaped heat exchanger and patented air stabilisation system. The fan coil have three air flow steps – low 370 m3/h, medium – 420 m3/h and high 420 m3/h.  Sound levels are low (21 dBA) as is power input (28 / 35 watts) by way of a DC fan Motor.

new model Fujitsu arxk 07-14gcllh

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