Fujitsu Multi Split air conditioning systems (Air Conditioner)

Fujitsu Multi Split

Using Fujitsu Multi Split air conditioning systems you can control several indoor units with one outdoor unit and build the optimum system that you desire. Fujitsu Multi Split systems provide comfort in a variety of situations from home to office and store.

Space-saving Fujitsu Multi-Split outdoor units can connect up to 8 indoor units in multiple rooms. New refrigerant R32 models are additionally added.

If you want to keep a large floor as well as many rooms comfortable, we recommend you use Fujitsu Multi Split to build a simple system using one outdoor unit. Choose from a large variety of indoor units that best matches your rooms.

Fujitsu Multi Split product image

Overview of the Fujitsu Multi Split system

  • Multiple indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit.
  • Easy and flexible installation is possible by long pipe connection and large height difference installation.
  • Abundant indoor unit lineup matched to the various customer needs
  • Compact and low noise outdoor unit design
Fujitsu Multi Split system image

2-unit to 8-unit Fujitsu Multi Split systems

2-unit to 8-unit Multi Split types units are recommended for situations that require air conditioning in multiple rooms (for example in family house or office). Between 2 to 8 indoor units can be connected and individually operated. A variation of individual and central remote controller are available for operation control, time scheduling of each room and energy savings. Due to space-saving outdoor unit enables installation on balcony or under a waist-high window.

Simultaneous Fujitsu Multi Split systems

Simultaneous Multi-split type is recommended for situations where multiple indoor units need to be operated simultaneously, for example for a small building or small office building entrance, meeting room, educational facility hall, and other large spaces. Up to 4 indoor units can be operated simultaneously. This type is suitable for office spaces with large areas and properties with unusual floor layout.

To find out more information about the Fujitsu Multi Split air conditioning solutions or to get a quote, get in touch with us.