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Fujitsu air conditioning KE designer series

Fujitsu air conditioning launched KE Designer Series air conditioners for Europe following models ASYG07KETA, ASYG09KETA, ASYG12KETA, ASYG14KETA in mid-December 2019. These are Fujitsu air conditioning systems based on the concept of “elegant feeling beauty from any angle.”

The Fujitsu air conditioning KE series consists of air conditioners that come with unique designs in addition to their advanced energy-saving efficiency. These are designs which offer harmony with the interior of rooms while being simple and which come with an impressive presence.

Fujitsu has achieved this by combining straight lines and curved lines in a good balance for the indoor units. Fujitsu applies cross-hairline processing to the front and the sides of the indoor units. This gives a high-class feel with the reflection of light. Besides, they have adopted a curved surface on the bottom to soften the impression when you look up at them from below. This expresses the concept of “elegant feeling beauty from any angle.”

The Fujitsu air conditioning KE series comes in two colours: Pearl white and Dark Grey.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning KE
Design Series

Does it have to have the same design? Fujitsu air conditioning KE Designer Series are specially designed for Europe. It is different design to Japanese one harmonised with its surroundings and it appeals comfortable elegant feeling in the room.

Does it have to be smooth surface?The texture of the front panel expresses craftsmanship existing in Europe and alos UK. The texture changes the expression by the changing light of the day.

Does it have to be square? Light-elegant and three-dimensional expression composed of curved surface is beautiful from anywhere.

Does it have to be same colour? Two colour options are available to the end user silver (dark grey) and pearl (white).

Looking ahead, Fujitsu air conditioning systems will continue to be designed with three lines serving as the pillars of this: (1) Flagship line that visually represents Fujitsu core technologies (e.g., Dual Blaster of “Norcia XTM”) (2) Designer line for markets that seek excellent design (e.g., Europe) (3) Humanity line that incorporates design elements.

Fujitsu air conditioning manufacturer will continue to work on the development of air conditioners that enhance the room with beauty that has an impressive presence in the future.

Fujitsu KE Series Wall Mounted
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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems KE Series

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