Daikin VRV systems – an efficient solution to reduce energy bills

Daikin VRV

An efficient solution to reduce your energy consumption by optimising seasonal performance with efficient indoor and outdoor units, innovative technologies, and smart energy management controls – Daikin VRV systems.

Daikin VRV logo - Variable Refrigerant Technology

  • Daikin VRV (Variable Refrigerant Technology) automatically adapts the refrigerant temperature to the load for optimal user comfort. Also increases seasonal efficiency by up to 28% when compared to other solutions
  • Daikin VRV signature auto-cleaning units increase savings by up to 50% when compared to standard cassettes and concealed ceiling units
  • Innovative heat recovery system reuses energy more efficiently for comfort heating and cooling, as well as hot water production
  • Precise multi-zone control allows you to control different floors and rooms individually to reduce overall energy consumption
  • Heat and cool your building using renewable energy from the ground
  • By choosing Daikin you have the best partner for your green building and sustainability certifications, such as BREEAM, LEED, etc.

Daikin VRV is A complete solution for climate control in your building

Daikin VRV offer various climate solutions for your buildings – from energy efficient heating and air conditioning, to ventilation and building management.

Key benefits of Daikin VRV:

  • Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with a Biddle Air Curtain
  • The unique fully flat cassette integrates seamlessly into false ceilings and won’t disturb you with its quiet operation
  • Accommodate high ceilings by installing underfloor heating to heat the air nearest to the ground
  • Breathe in fresh and healthy air that is free of mould and allergens with our plug-and-play HRV or air handling units for ventilation
  • Easily integrate hot water solutions for kitchens and restrooms
  • Reliable infrastructure cooling down to -20°C for your server rooms
  • The intelligent sensors direct airflow away from people and automatically switch the unit to energy-saving mode or turn it off when they detect that the room is empty
  • Smart programmes make climate control easy throughout the entire building and our Building Management System (BMS) allows you to integrate and control all aspects of your building (heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.)

To find out more information about the Daikin VRV systems or to get a quote, get in touch with us.