High Temperature Daikin Hydrobox for VRV solution

Daikin Hydrobox

The high temperature Daikin Hydrobox offers air-to-water connection to VRV Heat Recovery and is ideal for applications such as bathrooms, sinks, under floor heating, radiators and air handling units.

A great solution for efficient hot water production and space heating – Daikin Hydrobox

Daikin Hydrobox produces hot water from a heat pump system provides extremely low running cost heating on cooling of water. Temperatures between 5 C to 45 C0 can be achieved allowing water temperature control for multiple applications without the need for separate system.

The Daikin VRV indoor unit range is one of the widest on the market, offering no less than 26 stylish and elegant models in 116 different variants – all designed to maximise comfort, minimise operating noise and simplify installation and servicing. Designed to fit rooms of any size and shape, Daikin Hydrobox indoor units are also user friendly, ultra reliable, easy to control and quiet in operation. From January 2013, all indoor units will have to comply with the Ecodesign legislation on fans. As a market leader, Daikin has ensured that all indoors units comply with this legislation by adopting DC fans in all indoor units, improving their energy efficiency even further.

Daikin Hydrobox

Daikin Hydrobox product features:

  • Air to water connection to VRV for applications such as bathrooms, sinks, underfloor heating, radiators and air handling units
  • Leaving water temperature range from 25 to 80°C without electric heater
  • “Free” heating and hot water production provided by transferring heat from areas requiring cooling to areas requiring heating or hot water
  • Uses heat pump technology to produce hot water efficiently, providing up to 17% savings compared to a gas boiler
  • Possibility to connect thermal solar collectors to the domestic hot water tank
  • Super wide operating range for hot water production from -20 to +43°C ambient outdoor temperature
  • Saves time on system design as all water-side components are fully integrated with direct control over leaving water temperature
  • Various control possibilities with weather dependant set point or thermostat control
  • The indoor unit and domestic hot water tank can be stacked to save space, or installed next to each other, if only limited height is available
  • No gas connection or oil tank needed
  • Connectable to VRV IV heat recovery
Daikin Hydrobox scheme

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