10 Step Guide Buying Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning Basics Things

SWAT Engineering introduce 10 step air conditioning guide for most homeowners or business buildings occupants, a new air conditioning system is one of the most expensive upgrades they will ever make. A lot goes into choosing the correct one, and a lot more than price needs to be taken into consideration. The right air conditioning system will operate efficiently and keep a home cool and comfortable throughout the summer and heat in winter season.

Air Conditioning systems are air conditioners that are designed to cool and heat from single and up to six rooms in a house. All air conditioning systems use eco-friendly R410A or R407C refrigerant to pull moisture from the air, which helps to cool it down. Finally main factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying an air conditioning system are price, type, size and most of all important thing – energy efficiency class.

air conditioning buying tips

Right Air Conditioning Allows
Live Comfortable and Save Energy Bills

1.Know what areas you are looking to condition – most of all the time people are not sure what areas should have air conditioning and when you need conditioning instead of just ‘opening the window’. Most noteworthy air conditioning systems are more usable in offices, shops, supermarkets and etc., but seems like nowadays more and more individual clients tend to use air conditioners in their home. And the question is: what areas should have conditioning and would get most of all benefit from it? So, at this point, our qualified specialist could consult you and finally give you the best advice.

2. Know what Air Conditioning unit can actually do – more less not all conditioning devices can achieve what you may want them to. To achieve best results you need to make sure that it has been installed in right place and  has been chosen right size of capacity. Most of all different air conditioners have various options that might not be suitable for the area. As a result for this reason we can offer excellent and professional service, making sure that best option has been chosen for every customer.

3. Know if the area you want to condition is insulated? Before you decide to install Air Conditioning system it would be wise to check is the are well insulated because might make an impact of conditioning and is very important. SWAT specialist will carefully check this and also will help you to make a right decision.

4. Something Energy Efficient & Green –today seems like this is one of the main advantages, to save energy, reduce noise and furthermore let you enjoy your newly installed modern air conditioning system.

5. Buy a product that is most popular in UK – there are many companies who can offer you air conditioning services. SWAT engineering works closely with well known brand companies that provide conditioning products. Since 2003 We sell  such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, HitachiSinclair air conditioning systems. First of all well known brand and our service can give you best experience you can look for.

6. How do I know they have picked the right unit for me? SWAT engineering will always provide a unit sizing report to make sure it is the right size. There are so many different sizes of units and this might confuse people and as a result this is why our specialist are ready to pick the right size every time.

7. Will the air conditioning system be located in the right place? To get the right location for you, first of all our specialists will listen to clients, finally understand what your needs are and apply the experience and knowledge of the product and make sure it will get the right location.

8. Can the company you buy the conditioning system from look after it, and you, once they have put it in? This should be one of the most of all important criteria in selecting a company – seems like many companies sell air conditioners but how many of them can actually provide any after sales support? Probably – not many. Most of all many sellers have little knowledge of the inside of the product, because their must to sell product at any possible condition. SWAT Engineering company have fully approved and qualified trained technicians and engineers to complete any warranty work your unit may need during 5 years warranty period.

9. Make sure you get value for money – Most noteworthy value is not always the lowest price, finally it includes good service and support for the life of your new investment. First of all we will make sure that you get the service and support you deserve.

10. Recognise the cheeky sales tricks – make sure you get the service you deserve and choose well known products you can trust.

Finally, if you have any questions or request on Air Conditioning  after reading this, or want any clarification, just call us on free number 0800 505 3077 or leave a message and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.