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Mitsubishi Electric UK – UK government urged to back “green” technology

Mitsubishi Electric has called on the UK government to pursue an increased focus on “greener” innovative technology as it rebuilds the economy post Covid-19. Mitsubishi Electric UK, the air conditioning and heat pump manufacturer, has joined with over 200 signatories from leading companies across all sectors of the UK economy in an open letter to [...]

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Fujitsu Multi Split air conditioning systems (Air Conditioner)

Using Fujitsu Multi Split air conditioning systems you can control several indoor units with one outdoor unit and build the optimum system that you desire. Fujitsu Multi Split systems provide comfort in a variety of situations from home to office and store. Space-saving Fujitsu Multi-Split outdoor units can connect up to 8 indoor units in [...]

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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Mr Slim Product Range

Mitsubishi Mr Slim range is one of Britain's best selling air conditioning split-systems. Mitsubishi air conditioning Mr Slim products are suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of applications such as offices and retail units. Mitsubishi air conditioning Mr Slim range includes: 4-Way Blow Ceiling Cassette System Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Mr Slim 4-Way Blow [...]

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New Hitachi R32 Air Conditioning

R32 RAC first series of Hitachi introduced in Japan Hitachi will launch its first R32 air conditioning units into the European market in 2017. The company introduced its first series R32-RAC to the market in Japan in 2013. In Japan, the complete range of RAC products should be converted to R32 will be offered as [...]

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Mitsubishi Electric ,,ME Service” iPhone Application – Smart Tool For Engineers

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning release a new App ,,ME Service for iPhones users to find out a problem of all Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. App can be downloaded from iTunes. The Mitsubishi Electric ,,ME Service” App allows users reliable and quickly to trace the significance of multifunction codes given by Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning […]

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Get New City Multi YLM Model

City Multi YLM - The Ultimate heating and cooling solutions. SWAT Engineering and Mitsubishi Electric presents new aluminium VRF air conditioning technology in City Multi Range. The units designed to achieve more seasonal efficiency with ensure that customers get optimum performance year round in real United Kingdom applications. City Multi YLM Models use a unique flat [...]

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