• Mitsubishi Electric PEFY-P125VMA-E 14 kW

Mitsubishi Electric PEFY-P125VMA-E 14 kW

  • £1,431.47inc TAX
  • £1,192.89ex TAX

  • Low height - only 250 mm
  • Wide range of external static pressure settings across entire range (35 - 105 Pa)
  • Low noise levels tanks to the use of a centrifugal fan - as low as 23 db (A) for units P20-40
  • Drain pump included as standard
  • CN105 connector available - connect to A1M for simple BEMS interfacing
  • 5 Years Warranty

Heating nominal capacity (kW)16.0
Cooling nominal capacity (kW)14.0
High Performance Heating UK (kW)16.0
COP Priority Heating UK (kW)15.0
Cooling UK (kW)13.3
Hi-Sensible Mode Cooling UK (kW)10.2
SHF (UK)0.77
SHF Hi - Sens Mode0.86
Heating (nominal) power input (kW)0.32
Heating (nominal) power input (kW)0.34
Air flow (Lo-Mi1-Mi2-Hi) (m3/min)28 - 34 - 40
External static pressure (Pa)35 - 50 - 70 - 100 - 150
Sound pressure level (dBA)32 - 36 - 40
Weight unit (kg)42
Unit dimensions  (mm)1400 x 732 x 250
Electrical supply220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
Heating running current (A)1.94
Cooling running current (A)2.05
Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A)6
Mains cable No. Cores3
Panel referencePMP-40BMW

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