Mitsubishi Electric Floor Mounted Heat Pump MFZ-KJ25VE/MUZ-EF25VE (2.5 kW)

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The Mitsubishi Electric MFZ -KJ Series heat pump is extremely versatile and is designed for wall attached installation at floor level.

The auto swing vane provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room and the lightweight.

  • New simple, flat design
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Optimum air distribution
  • 5 Years Warranty

Heating nominal capacity (kW)3.4 (1.2-4.6)
Cooling nominal capacity (kW)2.5 (0.5-3.4)
Heating (UK) capacity (kW)2.85 (0.75-4.25)
Cooling (UK) capacity (kW)2.5 (0.90-3.35)
SHF (Nominal & UK)0.66
COP / EER Nominal4.42 / 4.63
SCOP / SEER (BS EN14825)4.5 / 8.5
Heating ErP energy efficiency classA+
Cooling Erp energy efficiency classA+++
Heating air flow (m3/min)5.0 - 6.2 - 7.6 - 9.4
Cooling air flow (m3/min)4.8 - 5.8 - 7.1 - 8.9
Gas pipe size3/8"
Liquid pipe size1/4"
Heating sound pressure level (dBA)19 - 25 - 30 - 35 - 41
Cooling sound pressure level (dBA)20 - 25 - 30 - 35 - 39
Sound power level (dBA)49
Dimensions (mm)750 x 215 x 600
Weight (kg)15
Electrical supply Fed byOutdoor unit
Fuse rating HRC (A)6
Interconnecting cable No. cores4
Heating sound pressure level (dBA)51
Cooling sound pressure level (dBA)46
Cooling sound power level (dBA)59
Weight (kg)37
Dimensions (WxDxH)800 x 285 x 550
Electrical supply220 - 240V, 50 Hz
Nominal heating system power input (kW)0.77
Nominal cooling system power input (kW)0.54
Nominal UK heating system power input (kW)0.70
Nominal UK cooling system power input (kW)0.43
Starting Current (A)3.60
Heating system running current (A)3.60
Cooling system running current (A)2.70
MAX system running current (A)9.4
Fuse rating (BS88) (A)10
Mains cable no cores3
MAX pipe length (m)20
MAX high difference (m)12
Charge R410A (kg)0.8 (7m)

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